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H1 Heated Jacket


The LOOMIA H1 jacket is a heated jacket for the woman who seeks seamless comfort as she traverses her day. Designed as a transitional layer with a professional and stylish look for changing climates and temperatures, H1 is made for women on the go.


Around Town

H1 is designed to pair with an outerwear coat in winter, provide an extra bit of heat on a cool fall or spring evening, or provide comfort in arctic summertime office air conditioning. The H1 jacket provides subtle heat year-round so you can always feel the sun on your back.


At the Office

Most heated jackets are designed by and for men. Yet, research shows that women tend to be colder in the office and outdoors. As a result, H1 is designed by and for women. H1 can be worn in the office, on a plane, or on a cold winter day.


On the Weekend

The H1 heated jacket has three back heating sections, providing warmth and comfort in any environment. The jacket is controlled with a simple on/off switch. The team chose to make this technology app-less for ease of use (no need to pull out your phone to control the jacket).