How does the pre-order work?

To Pre-order the H1 Jacket, simply place a $50 deposit through the shopping page. If we meet our target number for units sold by April 14th, we’ll request the full payment from you. If we don’t meet our goal, we’ll refund your deposit.

Can I try it on?

Absolutely! Email us at future@loomia.com to come by our office for a try-on session.

Why is there a deposit? We’re committed to producing the H1 jacket and tech in America as much as possible. To ensure we can produce the jackets reliably, we have to sell a minimum amount of jackets.

Is it safe? The heating element has been FCC certified and will be CE certified before we ship. This means that the element will be held to rigorous safety and electrical standards before shipping.

How heavy is the battery? The battery is a similar weight to a cell phone.

What is the Fabric Content? The jacket shell fabric is a wool blend and the lining is a polartec custom blend.

How do I care for the jacket? Because of the wool blend, the jacket may be limited to spot cleaning. we are currently sourcing additional fabric options to enable machine washing for the jacket.

What sizes are available?

Small 2/4

Medium 6/8

Large 10/12

The jacket is designed to fit women of all shapes and sizes, so we recommend ordering slightly larger as it can be belted to fit.

Why are you doing this? We are normally a B2B, behind the scenes company and we’ve spent the past 3 years conducting research and development on our own soft circuit system. Now that it’s ready for the market, we want to show the performance of our product to customers first hand, so decided to step in front of the curtain to make a limited run product that customers can buy right from the source.

When will the pre-order ship? October 2019. We aim to get you your jacket just before the chill sets in.

How can I contact you? Shoot us a line at future@loomia.com

What is your return policy? If you are unhappy with your jacket, you can return it in 7 days. No questions asked. After 7 days, we can only accept returns for electronic failures.

How long does the battery last? 2 Hours. If you need more heat, you can always use a bigger battery. Our jacket works with any USB battery off the shelf outputting 2A and more.